Electrical Engineering & Consultancy Service

Tier III - Data Centre – Central London

Building Type – Tier III - Data Centre – Central London

Project Description:- Design , Project Management and Commission

Standby Power Upgrade to the “Live” Facility

Duration:- 40 Weeks

As part of the initial works Power Design Projects Ltd were engaged to carry out a feasibility study on the standby power system, investigating the options to upgrade the standby generator from a Tier II to a Tier II system including any possible “SPOF’s” – single points of failure.

As part of the study all parts were considered including building regulations, planning and budget, Following initial the study power design projects tendered the project and selected with the client the best suited suppliers and contractors for the project.

Fig 1 - Design Concept for the new standby generator

Power design projects were commissioned to carry out design full project management and monitoring of the manufacturer, installation and commission of the system to ensure it met the budget and project delivery dates.

  • Factory Assemble And Testing

  • Site

  • Commission and Hand-over

The project was deemed to be a success and the client is engaged power design projects for future plan for further power upgrade works.