Electrical Engineering & Consultancy Service

Data Centres – Central and West London

Building Type – Various Data Centres – Central and West London

Tier III and Tier IV

Project Description:- Detailed Electrical Design

Load Calculations, Cable Calculations, Interlocking, Fault Calculations, Enhanced Discrimination and protection studies.

Energy Calculations, Cost of Ownership, Outline Reliability calculations

As part of the initial works Power Design Projects Ltd have been engaged to carry out a full detailed design on a number of key data centres directly and for main contractors giving varied levels of design and consultancy input from SPOF’s” – single points of failure studies to discrimination and selectivity reports.

As part of this duty we give impartial advice based upon information passed to us on each project and this shall form part of the project brief.

  • Main Power Room

  • Package Substation

Landlord Resilient Supply